April 17, 2022
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Best Free Web Design Apps to Create Content online

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Online and mobile design apps allow you to create original presentations or animated videos for your website or for personal use. With these tools you can easily create stunning graphics for your presentations or for your business.

In this article I present the best (or at least some of the best) free graphic design applications that you can find on the internet in 2022.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is one of the most comprehensive video graphics editing software platforms. You can add images, soundtracks, and animations directly to the videos you upload. You can also edit and share your videos from the website itself and create different types of designs such as Instagram stories, logos, Youtube thumbnails, collages, Facebook posts, Facebook covers, business cards, album covers, wallpapers, etc.

adobe creative cloud

An example would be this one about creating a post for Instagram.


If you are bored of using programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and want to provide a special touch to your presentations you may want to try Canva. You have a huge catalog of templates and resources and several plans to acquire the designs you make.


An example of its use is the following Illustrated Black and Yellow Business Card from a Web designer that you can animate and upload to your website with your own design.


Another very interesting tool is Easel. With this web application you will visualize an idea for your business or for your data. After creating a free account, you can view several public templates organized by categories. You can create presentations, infographics, posters, etc.


An example of its use would be this infographic about the music of the last 60 years.



Another website is emaze.com. It allows you to create, share and amaze your digital audience through colorful presentations. Create all kinds of content such as professionally designed presentations, websites, digital cards, forum albums, etc.


An example of a presentation for your e-learning classes would be the following:


Create content for your website in seconds in Slidebean. You have several types of presentations already made for you to modify and give an original and unique touch to your work. Your marketing plans are now going to be a lot of fun and novel.


An example of a presentation about a marketing plan is as follows. Presentations can be modified by an artificial intelligence of the page so that the boxes and texts are in perfect harmony.

plan de marketing


Visme helps you build the reputation your brand deserves. Whether you’re an experienced designer or someone who can’t be trusted with crayons to paint. It will allow you to create visual brand experiences for your business. You can even appear through your computer’s webcam in the middle of the presentation.

An example would be an animated video that you can download if you buy the premium version:

Conclusion design apps

Nowadays in a world governed by the internet the creation of designs for your brand is of utmost importance. Many times we will need different types of presentations, videos, animations, business cards, etc., to attract your potential client or visitor. Creating an original and unique design for you or your company doesn’t have to be expensive. Design apps are a good way to get more attention. In this article I have commented on several web pages that allow you to create free designs for you to start your career in web design. The designs can be downloaded for free, or you have to buy a license to use it.

If your idea is to increase traffic to your e-commerce store or increase the visitors who arrive at your site animated and original digital content, using graphic design software can be a good starting point. Maybe with a little practice you can take your business a step further and achieve the objectives you are looking for.

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