March 26, 2023
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Leonardo.AI: Create stunning images for free using Artificial Intelligence artificial intelligence

The creation of images using artificial intelligence is increasingly fashionable. One of those tools is Leonardo.AI. It is a complete content production platform, integrating several disparate generative AI technologies. Many of these technologies are currently the sole domain of enthusiasts and do not easily adjust to production flows; However, Leonardo.AI is about changing this and progressively building workflows and collaborative processes optimized to fit into existing production flows.

Who owns the content generated using Leonardo AI?

According to the terms of use of the service, you own everything you produce using this tool. In addition, Leonardo.AI assigns you all of its rights, title and interest in the output generated and returned by the services based on your input. Therefore, as a user of the Leonardo.AI platform, you own all the content you generate using the platform.

The images generated by the platform can be used for commercial purposes. This also applies to images created by free users.

Leonardo.AI Imaging Tool

To generate images using Leonardo is very simple, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the ‘AI Image Generation’ button in the left sidebar. creación de imágenes
  1. Add a message in the text box, then click the “GENERATE” button. The more details you can add the better, the richer and more detailed the result will be. You can activate the NEGATIVE PROMPT option, and when the image is generated, it will be created without the words you put in the second text box. For example, omitting results with low quality, or duplicate, or NSFW (not safe for work), with extra fingers, etc.
AI generation tool
  1. Once you click on generate the tool it will take a few seconds to show the results, and this is an example using the following information: black and white cat in a raining day in a street with neon lights.
cat gato neon lights
  1. Once the image or images are generated, you can view them in the image generation feed. When hovering your mouse, you are presented with options to download, zoom out, remove background, scale up, use picture-to-picture, edit on canvas, and delete image.

Adjusting model parameters

The tools it provides Leonardo.AI allow you to adjust the model in different ways according to your preferences. You have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the AI Imaging tool and use the sidebar on the left.
  1. In this section you can adjust parameters such as:
    • Number of Images: Number of images you want to generate up to a maximum of 8. Each image will carry with it to spend tokens (virtual image generation currency).
    • Image Dimensions: You can adjust the size and appearance of the generated image by modifying the height and width of the result.
    • Guidance Scale: This allows you to set the strength with which your request is weighted; a value of around 7 is recommended.
    • Step Count: This allows you to choose the number of steps used to generate an image. A higher step count results in longer generation times and consuming more tokens.
    • Tiling: allows you to repeat patterns or backgrounds.
    • Used fixed seed: The seed is a random value for creating a model. If we set a seed the model that is created can be repeated.
  2. Once you have adjusted the parameters you can click on “Generate Image” to get the result.

Cost of the service

There are several types of accounts that allow you to work on Leonardo.AI. By default there is a free account in which the results are not very detailed and you consume tokens. With this account you can generate up to 150 images per day, 30 unique enhancements of images already created or remove up to 76 backgrounds in images per day. This is the pricing table and the different levels of accounts dated March 2023:


Throughout history, great technological advances have occurred suddenly and often cause contrasts: people who are very enthusiastic and people who do not accept with pleasure the possibilities produced by a new discovery. It is known the story of a German aristocrat who in the nineteenth century said that he preferred to go to Hannover on horseback for free and take a day before going by train paying and arriving in 6 hours. It is likely that this person years later changed his mind or his descendants did use that machine that moved by rails. And that new discovery will then become one more product that can be used.

Nowadays the massive use of artificial intelligence tools creates a present and a future full of possibilities. Artificial intelligence is important because it has been integrated into our daily lives, achieving one of the main objectives for which it was created: to facilitate people’s lives in the most routine and repetitive tasks, while improving efficiency in the tasks it performs. In addition, the amount of data that is generated, both by humans and machines, greatly exceeds the ability of people to absorb, interpret and make complex decisions based on that data.


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