December 20, 2020
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Why is it so hard to unsubscribe from a website


Many times we unsubscribe on a website but do not usually unsubscribe. This means that we may be the victims of a leak of our email address since the means of registering on that page is precisely our email address that can subsequently be compromised. And that’s when you start looking for a way to unsubscribe.

Related to this we also have to talk about when we subscribe to a website. In the subscription we are offered a different service to the normal user and for which we pay x per month. And in the end what you want is to unsubscribe. There are offers and the first few months we will practically not realize that we are subscribed but there comes a time when you see a charge of more than 2 or 3 numbers in the bank account and that is when you rewind and realize that your self from the past had registered on that website to get a service that you only used on the first day.

Terms of use of the service that no one reads

When we register in a place we don’t usually read the terms of service since we never have time. We waste time on things that waste time and then when we have to do something very important we don’t have time because we waste it beforehand. However, it is very important to read the fine print because maybe we understand what can happen later. And in that fine print comes in small but comes… that the price changes at 3 months.

It’s very easy to get angry when they start charging you for a service when you already knew from day 1 that that service had an expense. You didn’t bother to check it out later. We usually set alarms to wake up, to remember to take the chicken out of the oven, but we rarely set alarms at 2-3 months view.

The difficult process of unsuscribing

And there comes a time when you decide to unsubscribe from that subscription. Many times the process of de-registration may exhaust you and end your patience. You subscribe to a service during a holiday because they give you full access to a newspaper for example. They offer you some analytical baubles (graphics and more detailed information) that don’t normally appear in the paper and other nonsense to hook you up with.

In the process of making the leap to subscribe at some point you have to share your bank details, which, your past self does so thinking that you will remember to unsubscribe later. The process of capturing these pages is simple. You want to read a specific article and the website denies you access. You think if it’s only 99 euro cents a month, I could read everything that newspaper has to offer. After the first month, the price would increase but you would have already unsubscribed, or so you think on the first day.

Looking for a way to unsubscribe yourself without success

Naturally, because of the amount of things around us, you’ll probably forget that you pay a euro every month for three months, and after that time you’ll be charged 90 euros to your credit card. That’s when you realize you should have unsubscribed from that service because you don’t use it.

And it usually happens that because we have such a bombardment of information we forget about that subscription until we see in capital letters a charge on our huge credit card. Alarmed, you immediately go to a search engine to find a way to unsubscribe from that subscription you barely use. Unlucky, finding the unsubscribe link is like making your way to Mordor. Such are the places you have to go that in the end you get distracted and forget.

It’s another month. You open the banking app and again you see a huge charge on the card for the service you subscribed to months ago because they showed you a few staples and some more information. This time, you strive to find that unsubscribe button, which must surely exist.

Procrastination in its purest form

Procrastination is the art of leaving for later what you can do right now but you don’t feel like it. You don’t want to do it because you’re going to do it later. However, the problem is that you don’t. But now it’s time to take over and do what you’ve been trying for months.  Unsubscribe from a service you used one day.

Now you’re really looking hard for a way to unsubscribe that you, not your neighbor, freely chose to subscribe to a fateful day of the past. And this is when you suddenly discover that to unsubscribe you have to call a customer service number. Flames and an automation tells you “Thank you for calling the customer service center of x”. After talking to two different people, they offer you a 25 percent discount on service (for 24 weeks), a newspaper subscription on Saturdays, and soon after, a 50 percent discount.

At this point, after months of searching and searching, that’s when you say the magic words. “No, please unsubscribe me.” And that’s how this story ends. Your credit card will no longer be charged for that subscription. But you’re likely to subscribe to someone else that same day and the process starts again.

What to do to unsubscribe

In most cases it can happen that the only way is to call a phone. Another way is to search the internet for what other people have done. There is a maxim on the internet which is that misfortunes are never lived by one. If you have a problem on your computer, thousands of people are likely to have the same bug. And if you signed up and now you want to go out, there’s probably a lot of people like you.

Sometimes one solution is to change the location. You say you live in a different province than the one you en discharged from the service. And surprisingly a magic button appears that says UNSUSCRIBE. In this case you do not need to make any calls.


Therefore, we must be careful when we suscribe on sites while browsing the Internet. We usually discharge ourselves, but we don’t unsubscribe. If we enerate on a website that incarre a cost you have to accept that position and use it. It can’t be that you think it’s a product that you’re going to use one day and then you’re not.

To register us is usually necessary only to click on a site and it takes seconds. But to unsubscribe you have to do a master’s degree in social networks, waste time that you do not have in looking for the solution, talk to several people who only inform you but do not solve your problem. But today’s world is like this. Your time fades into making what you created yourself disappear a few days ago. And you created it because you thought it was a good idea. Well, it’s going to turn out it wasn’t, and deuscribing will be the solution.

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