October 12, 2021
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How to review a brand or person on social media

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You may be interested in knowing the impact of a clothing brand you’re following, or the degree of participation that a music group or your favorite artist has. Today I present a web call boomsocial.com, a social media monitoring tool that will allow you to review and analyze a brand.

What is boomsocial

BoomSocial helps analyze the social media performance of a brand or a person or group. You can track the fan count of social media channels, measure daily, weekly, and monthly growth, view all of your posts on a single page, monitor engagement levels, and analyze engagement types.

What the website does is connect to the api of each of the social networks to obtain the data and shows them in a fairly clear and simple way.

What it can be used for

A page like this can serve the community manager of a website to compare statistics with your competitors and see how the sector is doing. It’s a way to review social media content strategy.

BoomSocial is free to use allows you to monitor social networks to check what brands say. In addition, it allows you to monitor and analyze fans, followers, subscribers, publications, videos and more. It allows you to monitor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages.

Analyze the competition

If you are interested in following your competitors, analyzing their actions, etc., it can be very helpful. It also allows analysis to measure the performance of social networks.

All data categorized. All social media accounts on BoomSocial are categorized into over 100 industries. Data can be visualized and analyzed with easy-to-understand tables and graphs.

Example of use

Let’s analyze twitter accounts that are from the public sector. To do this we access the main page and click on the search button, the SEARCH button. Then in the second drop-down the public sector is chosen and the search returns the accounts with the most followers on Twitter in the public sector as seen in Fig. 1.

marca brand
Figure 1. Public sector search for Twitter accountsde cuentas de Twitter

The most followed account is that of Barack Obama (former president of the United States), followed by  Narendra Modi  (current prime minister of India) and then  PMO India  (office of the prime minister of India).

If we click on the name we access a more complete tab. The account has 130 million followers and follows more than 588 thousand people. It also allows you to see daily growth and weekly or monthly growth.

marca brand
Figure 2. Barack Obama profile

Influencers in Instagram

Another social network that we can monitor and analyze is Instagram. Instagram is full of accounts that offer products or services and many businesses pay huge amounts of money to influencers to get advertising material onto their Instagram accounts. In addition, most brands have their own account to show their products to their fans or followers.

If you only search by Instagram accounts in all countries you see the Instagram accounts that have the most followers. The first is Instagram, with 432 million followers, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie.

marca brand
Imagen 3. Accounts with the most followers on Instagram

Among the data shown in the last column is the Engagement Rate.  It is a parameter widely used in social networks to measure how popular an account is according to the people who interact with that account, either through comments, likes, shares, etc. Engagement rate is a metric used to evaluate the average number of interactions social media content receives per follower. The engagement rate is calculated as the total number of interactions your content receives divided by your total number of followers, multiplied by 100%.


If you have a company or brand and want to promote your products on social networks it is a good idea to analyze and monitor what your competitors do. The boomsocial tool can help you create a very complete report of what is happening in your sector and work on improving the key points.

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