March 9, 2023
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List of Midjourney commands to create amazing images

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Midjourney is a Discord bot that uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic or artistic images from words and your ideas. You can use it to illustrate stories, design characters, create memes, make collages, and much more. Just use  the /imagine  command and let Midjourney do the rest. You can also customize your images with different commands and parameters. It is the perfect bot for lovers of creativity and imagination.

Most useful commands

To use Midjourney, you only need to use the /imagine command  followed by keywords. In addition to the /imagine command, there are many other commands you can use. The commands can be used on any channel with bots or on private Discord servers where Midjourney Bot bots are allowed to operate or using direct messages. Here’s a list of some of them:

/help: Provides useful information about the Midjourney bot.

/info: Displays information about your account and usage.

/settings: Change your account's default settings, such as language or image size.

/stylize: Changes the artistic style of images generated by Midjourney.

/caption: Adds text to an image generated by Midjourney.

/edit: Edit an image generated by Midjourney with different parameters.

/blend: Joins two images.

/fast: Switch to fast mode so that images are generated in an accelerated manner.

These are just a few examples. You can consult the complete list of commands and their parameters in the official documentation.

Using an image from the internet

It is also very useful to use an image from the internet. In this case we need the URL, the address of the page. You can add a URL for AI to use as a reference. To add images to a message, type or paste the web address where the image is stored online. The address must end in an extension such as .png, .gif, or .jpg. After adding image addresses, add any additional text and parameters to complete the notice. The command is used as follows:

/imagine <URL> (e.g. /imagine apple design).
apple chip m2 midjourney

Commands to change output quality

Commands that have to do with quality change the generation time (more quality plus time) of an image.

–Q 0.25 (4x faster, approximate results, cheaper).
–Q 0.5 (2x faster, less detailed, cheaper).
–q 1 (default).
–Q2 (2x slower, more detailed, expensive).
–q5 (experimental).


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