August 25, 2020
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What is your value to Facebook

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Would you like to know the money you’re generating for Facebook? If something is free you are the product. We can have the idea of Facebook as a social network of contacts. Where we can interact with our friends, upload photos, share links, etc. But in the background it is a great mountain of data which we do not have clear information about them. For Facebook, we generate value. For the time we’re connected, for the things we share, for the games we play, for the things we buy.

A big advantage of online advertising on more traditional print and television advertising is its ability to target people with specialized ads tailored to your personal information. For example, Facebook ™’s ad campaign planner allows you to define an audience using more than 13 different attributes related to the end user’s personal information. Therefore, an online advertiser can launch a campaign targeting a well-defined audience based on personal information attributes. So an important part of Facebook’s business model ™ is built on the personal information of its subscribers. For example, you can launch advertising aimed at people between 20-30 years old, who are from Spain, female and who like animals.

Value for Facebook

I share with you a project that aims to measure how much we represent for Facebook. The objective of this project is to develop a tool that informs end users of the Internet in real time about the economic value that has generated the personal information associated with their browsing activity. The project’s website would be this -> Three researchers from the Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M) are behind this tool. This is a data valuation tool for Facebook™ Users.

You can see Facebook revenue on this website ->

I encourage you to use this tool if you have a Facebook account to see the income you provide. I am sure you’re going to be surprised.

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