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SEO mistakes that destroy your website

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There are a number of mistakes that are made when we try to improve the SEO positioning of our website. This article shows that it can make your Page not as well positioned as you expected it to be in online search engines. The WordPress content manager is used as an example, but the same solutions are for other managers.

As the world’s leading web publishing tool, WordPress is used to improve more than 70  million websites. It began in  2003  as a free, open source website and blogging tool. It is already a better and easier solution than any other content manager. Flexibility and ease of use were developed and improved rapidly.

This is what the WordPress website looks like when it came to market. The work in SEO is very complex, it has a lot of variables. You don’t have to learn everything but what you can do is avoid falling into traps that will make your WordPress website less friendly to search engine indexing robots.

WordPress and SEO mistakes

WordPress is great for positioning your page in search engines. Much of the world’s top pages use wordpress. This already gives us an idea that is a valid tool to position our page.

By default WordPress already has a very good SEO optimization system but we should avoid falling into errors that can lead to the fret with our work on the page. Among the most common errors we can find the following.

Content duplicity

It’s never a good idea to put your articles on blogger and wordpress. Your item will not be positioned better in two places at once. Putting the same article twice on the same page shouldn’t either. As proof of this a few years ago I had a website and an article had thousands to visit. I copied the same article and changed the title. I can say that the new article barely had visitors and its position on google was testimonial.

Very slow hosting provider

It’s ok to use free hosting to get started. That way you can see what your network page is looking like. However, if you really want your Page to be well positioned in search engines like Google you have to avoid using them and pay for paid hosting.

It is also not a good idea to use very cheap accommodation. The idea is to hire dedicated hosting if your Page starts to receive many visits. If you use affordable accommodation, your site may never load fast enough to overcome Google’s increasingly stringent speed need. Check google search for a speed issue on your site.

Hosting doesn’t have to be expensive, you have to choose companies of recognized prestige. There are many experts who will tell you “10 fastest accommodation companies”, but they are almost always trying to make an affiliate commission or take you to their sales funnel. You need to check some things for yourself and not follow the opinion of the “experts”. Seo errors of this type can be avoided, although it can get a little more expensive.

Sobreoptimización de keyword (keyword stuffing)

Keyword stuffing is a Black Hat SEO practice penalized by Google and overly and repetitively used keywords to increase the page’s score against those words.

There is plugin in WordPress that point you out if you have used one more word than you should and it can serve you. I encourage you to check out these SEO articles I published earlier: Tools to improve your SEO  and WordPress SEO: how can you improve it.

Place your website in the root directory

If you’re going to have a home page, it’s not a good idea that it’s not in the root directory of the site. You have a chess page it’s not a good idea to place it in a folder you call web, for example, If it’s your home page it has to be in the root folder, root and

In addition to this way we make the url (the page address) shorter and this is also ipmortante for the SEO of the website. It’s about making the urls as friendly as possible for the robots that index it. Don’t add enough information.

If you’re creating a page parallel to yours, place it in a subdomain. In that subdomain you can host another page in another format. For example, on this website I have hosted a website that I had a few years ago created in Joomla that you can visit in

Wrong keywords

It’s also not a good idea to use keywords that aren’t in your article. It goes viral a topic and you put that topic in the keywords even though your article has nothing to do with it. This is very common on twitter where a person writes a tweet about anything and puts a hashtag that is being used that day. Well… don’t use it to improve your seo, it’s no good.

Change the default url in WordPress

You can change the way your content appears and it’s much better for webmasters to do so at first than after. This is because if you change the url on the fly it can affect other pages that linked to the original url. Always maintain the same structure. To change the structure you have to go to SETTINGS > GENERAL settings as you can see below:

errores en seo

The url would be On the other hand, each post in a category will group all the content into the same category in a pleasant way. You can add the category in the url and the way to put the post name in the structure of your Page.

Create categories BEFORE writing content

Add categories BEFORE you start writing things. You may have the idea that WordPress is lenient, that you can have all posts uncategorized and then add them later. But that’s not very smart. When you publish an article, Google scans it in seconds. Seconds! the damage of publishing an article without first setting categories is instantaneous.

Even if you change the category only a minute later, Google has already crawled and put a page in the index. If you change the category in WordPress, then (assuming it has SEO-friendly URLs) change the URL when the category changes. Now you have another Google-indexed page that will return a 404 page, page not found.

Plugins you need and should avoid

Plugins can use all kinds of technology and can give SEO errors in WordPress. As a general rule, you should verify that plugins DO NOT slow down your site. Bookmark and social media plugins are particularly prone to this problem. Initially, it can seem like great digital marketing to encourage everyone to tweet your content from the page, but not if the add-on is there for the developer to record how many people visit your site and, in the process, make database calls behind you, slowing down site load time.

You need add-ons that speed up the loading of your site, not ones that slow it down. Look at the revisions of existing add-ons, especially bad reviews. Verify that that add-on is updated often and read the new reviews.


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