April 16, 2022
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How to improve SEO of your website in 2022

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The positioning of your website is key to being successful in your business. If you want to get more customers or visitors to your website you have to pay special attention to the marketing tools you have at your disposal. There are countless pages that offer you services to improve SEO but that usually have a fairly high cost. In this article, I share several free tools that will improve the SEO of your website and will get your articles or products on the first page of Google results and if you are there… your business or website is going to absorb a lot of traffic.

#1. Google Search Console

If your goal is to get your product to be well positioned in Google, nothing better than using a Google tool. And that’s Google Search Console. It allows you to know the performance as well as the coverage index of your website. As the name suggests, you will see the search data in Google, therefore, direct traffic or by reference pages will not appear in this tool. You’ll need to see it in Google Analytics.

Google Search Console will show you all the keywords that are ranking in the indexes of the Google search engine. Keywords that generate most of the traffic. It is important to say that if you are going to create an article you have to keep in mind that in the title of the article (which is going to be heading H1) as in the description of the article (meta description), you have to include the keyword or key phrase.

mejorar el seo improve seo

#2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a web tool run by Neil Patel, a well-known digital marketing expert, and displays structured and relevant information gleaned from Google Analytics. You have to give permission to the page so that it can read your Google data. Google Search Console shows you which keywords you’re getting traffic for. If you connect these keywords in Ubersuggest, it will show you all the variations of those keywords. It also allows you to audit your site, see traffic and backlinks, links from other sites to your website.

mejorar el seo improve seo

#3. Yoast SEO Plugin

If you have a WordPress website there are many plugins that allow you to improve SEO. One of the most used is Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin will help you optimize your code, title tags, meta description and create an XML sitemap. You can then send this sitemap to Google Search Console to make it easier for the Google search engine to handle the information on your website.

With a simple three-color code Yoast will inform you at the same time that you make an article of the readability analysis (of how the article is read) and the seo analysis. These colors are

  • 🟥 , if there is a problem
  • 🟨 , if an improvement is necessary.
  • 🟩 , if it is a good result, which is what we are looking for.

Some of these factors and perhaps the most relevant are:

  • Internal links. Links from your article to another article.
  • Key phrase in introduction.  Your key phrase has to appear in the first paragraph.
  • The length of the meta description.  It is important that it exists and that it does not exceed 130 characters.
  • Key phrase in subtitles.
  • Images with key phrase. In the description of the image you must put the keyword or phrase.
  • Keyword in the title. Ideally, it should be at the beginning, but with it being in the title is enough.
  • The length of the text. The text cannot be one paragraph.
  • Keyword density. Depending on the length of the text you have to put the phrase or keyword several times, but do not saturate.

#4. Websiteresponsivetest.com, improve SEO by reviewing mobile compatibility

Your site must be mobile-friendly. The websiteresponsivetest.com website  allows you to see if your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. According to a 2021 report of a global population of 7.83 billion people, 5.22 billion used mobile phones, of which 4.66 billion were smartphones. Therefore, your website has to be optimized for mobile phones because a good part of your customers or visitors will do it from a mobile phone.

Responsive website design is a well-known approach to website design that provides an optimal viewing experience to users while browsing with easy reading, navigation, simple scrolling, minimal browser resizing, and cross-device compatibility. Website responsiveness has become a transcendent ranking factor in search engines and is significantly influencing Google’s search results.

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#5. Google PageSpeed insights

There are more people who use Google on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. That’s why speed is very important. Google has an index for mobile sites only. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible and the page pagespeed.web.dev/ allows you to check it. It allows you to analyze the performance of your website on desktop or mobile.


#6. Keywords Everywhere, improve SEO with keywords

The Keywords Everywhere plugin  will show you how many people are searching for your terms and related keywords while using Google. It’s going to give you more keyword ideas, because you can see the search volume and how good some of these keywords are. It installs as an add-on on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It provides you with information about keywords that are trending and keywords related to what you are searching for on Google.


Other tools

Other tools that can be useful would be:

  • All in One SEO Pack.  A very simple plugin, with the basics to find and edit meta tags.
  • ScreamingFrog. A tool that analyzes the SEO of the web by content and provides information on different factors, including meta tags. An interesting feature is that it has a desktop application and therefore, you can see on your computer and from an app the data of a website. Screaming Frog SEO Spider by extracting data and auditing common SEO issues helps your site improve.


SEO is the way to get organic traffic on your website using different techniques that favor the good positioning of the page. It’s using techniques to optimize your website for search engines. What we ultimately want is to get more traffic. There is an almost unlimited amount of marketing tactics and strategies. Google now uses more than 200 factors (not known for sure) in its algorithm, including social alerts, user interaction,  content quality and trust. But how do you know which one to focus on first? The reality is that since we don’t know exactly how the algorithm works, we can’t be sure which of those 200 factors are most important.

There are many tools that we can use to improve SEO that have been discussed in this article. These tools will help you understand the mountain of data that your website has become. Understanding that data and information will let you know where you need to target your efforts so your page is on the first page of Google results for a word or keywords. Remember that being on the second page of Google means that you are not relevant or that your content is not very relevant and few people reach it.

Our job is day by day to check that our website is well positioned and if it is not looking for the reason. If it is due to lack of content, you will have to upload more and better quality content. But remember that the content has to be original and unique. It is very important to optimize keywords, create relevant meta descriptions that encourage your client or visitor to enter the website. All are factors that help your website to have more visits day by day and that those visits are maintained over time.

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