August 9, 2022
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How to search for similar pages on the Internet

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Similar or related pages are pages that are on the same level, in the same stratum on the Internet. These are pages that share the same niche. Sometimes, it is very useful when you are doing a job using different fonts and searching for similar pages can be very helpful.

In Google there is a way to search by similar pages that is by putting the search “related:“. In this article I will share other pages that will also allow you to search for similar websites. In addition, you will be able to crawl through websites that are direct competitors of yours.


The web allows a company’s marketing team to perform important tasks such as SEO analysis, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing) and all from one platform. In addition to this, the tool provides practical recommendations that help optimize your website, content and marketing campaigns in a much faster way. You can analyze a domain and see how your competition is doing with respect to you.



The website will allow you to check the SEO of a web page by tracking information from it. Similarweb is a web analytics provider that provides analytical information about website traffic. In addition, you can access the SIMILAR SITES option to check websites that are on the same step as yours. It may happen that the platform does not catalog a web page well since it is done by an algorithm and the algorithms can fail, but the information is quite useful.

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Another interesting website is Scan a website to show you relevant information about it. Between that information and if you hire a plan you can see competing websites with yours.



As the name suggests, the web page search for pages similar to the one you put in the search box. The tracking tool has been crawling millions of websites and analyzing their content to find similar websites. They have developed a unique algorithm and software. In addition, is also using various web sources, APIs to identify the best matches, and also provide important information about potential matches.

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If you’re starting a digital project it may be a good idea to focus on analyzing the competition. In this article I have shared several websites that allow you to find similar, alternative or related pages to one you are looking for. In many cases, IN SEO analysis it already gives you a good idea of where to start working to improve your web positioning and stay above your competitors.

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